Consumer confidence is rising, and we are all ready to spend this summer – how can you get a helping hand?

The last 18 months have been hard on the economy. Despite new shopping habits and the pick-up in e-commerce during the pandemic, the recession still hit the majority of Australians, and as a result, lowered the majority of consumer confidence. Consumers were purchasing their basic needs with both their available means; they are also excited about the prospect of being…

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Are You Ready For The End Of The Financial Year, And The Possibility Of A Tax Bill?

2020 asked a lot of Australians, especially those who found themselves without work or shifting into a new industry. Regardless, the end of the financial year doesn’t have to be a harbinger of stress, if your self-reporting or tax declarations aren’t organised to standard come June 30th. Spondooli is here to help with a short-term and instant payday advance for…

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Now That JobKeeper Has Finished, How Can You Help Your Family To Fill The Gap Of Extra Expenditure?

Every day the Australian economy continues to grow stronger since the rapid decline experienced in March 2020, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. While Australians experienced the first recession in almost 20 years during 2020, we only saw two quarters of decline before improvements began. Now, as we head into the second quarter of 2021, we are continuing to…

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With Travel And Entertainment As Top Priorities Where Are You Looking To Spend Your Money In 2021?

The collective effort of all Australians to take the hurdles of 2020 in their stride, not only displayed their ability to adapt to public health policy swiftly but has laid the foundations for an economy ready to bounce back with gusto. As entertainment and domestic travel are pertinent to the spending intentions of many Australians, enjoyment seems to be the underlying…

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How Will The Finances Of Ordinary Australian Families Fare This Year?

After a tumultuous year, Australians are looking into 2021 with a more positive outlook than many other nations across the world. So, how are our finances going to fare this year, especially for the average Australian family? While in 2020 Australia experienced its first recession in almost 30 years, our economy only saw two-quarters of negative growth before numbers began…

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Australians Are Spending More On Christmas & New Year’s Celebrations Each Year – How Will This Year’s Spending Be Different?

As 2020 comes to a close we begin to look forward to the end of years celebrations, and the festive season alike. After a very strange year for everyone around the globe, our holiday season will definitely be different to anything we have experienced previously. This time of year is commonly associated with being the most expensive period of the…

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As Australia Emerges From A Mammoth Lockdown, The Economy Is Preparing For A Cash Injection Worth Millions. How Do You Plan On Spending?

Victorians and New South Welshman across their states are rejoicing in their newfound freedoms and taking advantage of everything that is now on offer in their lives. From returning to restaurants, travelling across the state and visiting their favourite retails stores, everyone is excited for the beginning of the return to some sort of normalcy. The mammoth 17-week lockdown that…

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You Can Have Everything You Need Right Now At Your Fingertips, All From One Place

Australian shoppers have spent more money and time online since the pandemic started, than ever before and this trend is tipped to continue. At the moment, especially in Melbourne and Sydney, online retailers are facing logjam and delayed deliveries because of Victorian Government restrictions, that require distribution centres to reduce workforces by one-third in an attempt to slow down the…

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Stuck At Home? Let The Food Come To You From, Your Favourite Restaurant

There is nothing better than enjoying some delicious food from your favourite restaurant on a Saturday night, or any other night. However, if you are stuck at home due to the current restrictions, then you may be feeling frustrated about missing out on one of your favourite past-times, eating out at the best establishments. Luckily for most us, our favourite…

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Essential Service Workers – Keeping Us Going

What it means to be an essential services worker is coming more clearly into focus, as the second wave of COVID-19 infections grips Victoria. Particularly so as the State Government impose increasingly stringent restrictions on the movement of people, which is impacting on how industries can operate and how community activities will be monitored. Do I need to go to…

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Why Small, Fast Cash Loans Are Still Important For Thriving Industries

The outbreak of COVID-19 is still making a significant impact across the country and we are seeing job uncertainty increases in Australia. However, there are still some groups such as Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, Firefighters, and Supermarket workers who have suddenly found themselves on the front-line of this pandemic. Instead, their work is become more challenging and are continuously working…

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