As Australia Emerges From A Mammoth Lockdown, The Economy Is Preparing For A Cash Injection Worth Millions. How Do You Plan On Spending?

Victorians and New South Welshman across their states are rejoicing in their newfound freedoms and taking advantage of everything that is now on offer in their lives. From returning to restaurants, travelling across the state and visiting their favourite retails stores, everyone is excited for the beginning of the return to some sort of normalcy.

The mammoth 17-week lockdown that metropolitan Melbourne endured, impacted the states economy and businesses hugely. However, as the unwinding of restrictions began and the re-opening of the Victoria-NSW border, the economy is beginning to see glimmers of hope throughout the states.

As a result, Victoria and New South Wales are now preparing for a cash injection into the economy, worth tens of millions of dollars, over the coming weeks. Customers are expected to come back and spend like never before, as indicators of consumer confidence hit seven-year highs, with economists feeling positive about the last quarter of the year.


Even the indication that Australia has dealt with the worst of the pandemic, promoted confidence from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as he declared that the economic comeback from recession has begun.

Scott Morrison told reporters in Canberra “We are seeing confidence return. I do believe we are well on the road to recovery, the comeback for Australia has certainly begun”.

This instilled further consumer confidence, leading to household spending moving from strength to strength. So, as we move into this new economic state, how do you plan on spending?

Is it time to buy major household items that you couldn’t get your hands-on while in lockdown? Or a trip away, maybe even a kick start on Christmas presents. Well, no matter how you will be spending you will be helping to bring Australia’s economy back to its former glory and helping out businesses at the same time.



Businesses seem to be finishing 2020 in a more buoyant mood with confidence rising, so naturally everyone will be trying their best to assist the economy as much as they can.

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