Essential Service Workers – Keeping Us Going

What it means to be an essential services worker is coming more clearly into focus, as the second wave of COVID-19 infections grips Victoria. Particularly so as the State Government impose increasingly stringent restrictions on the movement of people, which is impacting on how industries can operate and how community activities will be monitored.

The regulations have gone so far as to require those travelling to and from work to carry signed, employer endorsed paperwork to prove the need to be outside of home.

As the pandemic response intensifies, the Victorian Government has called on the assistance of other state governments and the Commonwealth to provide additional frontline essential services support and large numbers of military personnel, police and emergency services and health workers have begun to arrive in Melbourne to bolster the State’s ability to service aged care needs, contact tracing, checking and enforcing home quarantine requirements, mask-wearing and stay-at-home orders for the whole Melbourne population. Others have been deployed to regional areas to ensure travel restrictions are maintained to ensure the spread of the virus is also contained.

The pressure put on our frontline workers is enormous. They are required to spend a significant amount of time away from their homes, many of these personnel are putting themselves and their families at significantly greater risk of infection.

Working away from home is challenging enough in normal circumstances, let alone in the midst of both a State of Emergency and State of Disaster. The normal domestic challenges don’t disappear simply because one is on the frontline dealing with it head on – in fact, it probably gets a bit harder and there’s every chance that normal obligations get put on the back burner while you’re dealing with the immediate challenges of community health and wellbeing.

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