Australians Are Spending More On Christmas & New Year’s Celebrations Each Year – How Will This Year’s Spending Be Different?

As 2020 comes to a close we begin to look forward to the end of years celebrations, and the festive season alike. After a very strange year for everyone around the globe, our holiday season will definitely be different to anything we have experienced previously.

This time of year is commonly associated with being the most expensive period of the year. Many Australians spend more money throughout the last two months of year than they do during any other month. Over the last five years Australians have spent more and more every year on Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. So, while the pandemic may have changed the way we are celebrating the festive season, has it put a damper on our spending over this time?

The answer is no. It is estimated that this year Australians will spend 17.3 billion on Christmas celebrations alone. This is an average of $893 per person, when applied to the adult population. With NSW individuals set to spend the most at an average of $1,010 per person. And this isn’t even counting New Year’s spending.



In previous years, Australians have spent $74 million on last minute purchases between 5pm -4am on New Year’s Eve/Day. Even bigger spending is estimated for this December 31st, just like in previous years. Most purchases around New Years are categorised as food and entertainment, no surprises there.
However, transport is also of the most common ways to spend your money on New Year’s. With every ride share or taxi adding the dreaded surcharge to their services, many are spending unthinkable amounts just to get from point A to B.

Despite the troubling year many Australian have had financially, we are still expected to be spending just as we would in a regular year. Due to some restrictions still being in place in multiple states over the end of 2020, this will decrease the amount of house parties, and increase the amount of people that will head into public spaces to enter the New Year, which will naturally send our spending sky-high.

With all of these expenses happening within a matter of weeks, how are we affording to spend this way and what can you do to spend wisely this year?

The number one answer is to plan ahead. If you are planning your spending in advance, you are less likely to panic later and spend more as a result. For Christmas presents, you can take advantage of sales, or set yourself a budget and for New Year’s book anything you need to ahead of time, and plan how you will get around to avoid overspending on the night.

If you are needing to plan ahead, book places to stay or spend money on presents earlier than anticipated, sometimes you can find your budget is just not quite enough. So, to plan ahead and be able to spend a bit more, get yourself a quick cash loan from a reputable and reliable lender, such as Spondooli.



A quick cash loan can assist you in planning ahead, including being able to buy your Xmas presents when there are sales, or pre-booking and putting a deposit on a beach house for New Year’s. No matter what you need to use the quick cash loan for as long as you meet the necessary criteria, you can have the money in your bank account the same day you apply. With a state-of-the-art application system applying for a short term cash loan with Spondooli is much easier than the hassle of dealing with a banking institution.

There is no need to miss out on being able to plan ahead for the upcoming festivities, just because your budget is just shy of your needs. So now that you know there is the option of getting a Spondooli instant loans to help you out, how will you be celebrating this festive season?

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