Stuck At Home? Let The Food Come To You From, Your Favourite Restaurant

There is nothing better than enjoying some delicious food from your favourite restaurant on a Saturday night, or any other night. However, if you are stuck at home due to the current restrictions, then you may be feeling frustrated about missing out on one of your favourite past-times, eating out at the best establishments.

Luckily for most us, our favourite eateries have also adjusted their businesses due to the current climate. Under the current COVID-19 restrictions these establishments are generally limited with how many patrons they can seat and, in Victoria, can’t open for sit down customers at all. Food and drink businesses across Australia have been adapting quickly to the new conditions.

Almost every establishment is now available to be delivered by a service such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, Menu log or Deliveroo, and it seems that the general public is taking advantage of this. Food ordering app Menu log confirmed that it has recorded a 54 per cent increase in orders since March. At the same time Uber Eats has reported that the term ‘comfort food’ has broken into the top searches since the pandemic started.



Clearly, we aren’t the only ones feeling the need for a little bit of comfort during this strange time.

If you are looking for a more premium option than food delivery apps, some of the best restaurants in Melbourne are offering at home meal-kits so that you can enjoy fresh food from high-end establishments. Top restaurants in Melbourne, such as The Atlantic, Cutler & Co, Cumulus Inc., Chin Chin, Grossi Florentino and Bar Carolina are offering some incredible meal kits. This means you can eat this award winning food multiple nights a week plus you get to enhance your cooking skills, as some sections of these meals will need to be cooked fresh by you.

While delivered cook-at-home kits from high-end restaurants might be a pricier option than your average food delivery app, they are perfect for a special occasion; maybe it’s your housemates’ birthday or your anniversary.

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