With Rising Childcare Costs, And No Relief Currently In Sight, How Can You Continue To Pay For Childcare In The Case Of An Emergency?

After a tough year for lots of Australian families, many are hoping that relief will be given soon to some family-related financial strains. Childcare can be one of the most expensive costs associated with having children while being working parents. In 2020, 66.4% of Australian families had two working parents, which means that childcare is likely a necessity for these families.

While in the 2021 budget plans, parents were promised relief from childcare-related costs, nothing will come into play, if at all, until at least 2022. Leaving many families still struggling with the hefty weight of these costs on their shoulders.



If this relief is put into place during 2022, then rebates and relief will only be offered to parents who have more than one child, under the age of 5, in childcare at the same time. Which then leaves a huge number of families left with no relief in sight.

As a result of this, it is not uncommon for working parents to try and find other ways to minimise the amount of childcare their child attends. Whether these families have the support of their parents, so their children can spend the day with their grandparents instead of childcare, or even if you have some friends that are more than willing to look after the little ones to avoid another pricey day at childcare. Parents are finding new ways to avoid more childcare than necessary to ensure these costs can fit into their lifestyle and financial situation.

However, there is no telling when an emergency will arise and your child might need to go to childcare an extra day for a couple of weeks, and you won’t have the upfront funds to support this. Plus, you cannot miss work because otherwise, you cannot afford your child’s regular childcare days. In the situation of an emergency, such as this, a great option for your family is to get a quick cash loan from a reliable and trustworthy non-bank lender.

Facing a rough patch and needing some quick cash to get you through, is something everyone faces at one point or another. However, instead of stressing about where you are going to get these last-minute funds from, use Spondooli and access a quick cash loan to solve your emergency childcare costs.



As a leader in offering quick cash loans, Spondooli understands that people, especially families, don’t often have time to file a heap of paperwork and wait weeks for funds from a traditional lender. This is why Spondooli is a great option to apply using a fast and simple online platform and then receiving your approval for a loan on the same day, it’s as simple as that.

So, next time your working family finds itself in an emergency situation, such as sudden childcare costs, instead of stressing, head to Spondooli and if you meet the necessary criteria such as full-time employment, you can easily get your hands on some extra cash to help any situation you might find yourself in.

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