The Trans-Tasman Bubble Is About To Cause A Surge In Travel For Australians, Are You Prepared Financially To Finally Go Overseas Again?

Having some financial wiggle room is essential when planning an overseas trip especially when it’s been postponed for over a year. With the Australian and New Zealand federal governments approving the much-anticipated Trans-Tasman bubble on April 19th, citizens of both countries are welcome to travel quarantine-free, capitalise on the daily flash sales of airlines, and above all, enjoy some rest and relaxation amidst a different view. Below are 3 key considerations for your finances before embarking on your long-awaited holiday.


Allowing for spontaneity!

Having the flexibility to upgrade accommodation, book tours, indulge at an artisan cafe, and satisfy the overall joy of being spontaneous abroad is part of the fun! There is no reason for you to miss out but sometimes it’s possible to underestimate the general costs of travel. If you are currently in a full-time position and can produce a payslip, you’re halfway to receiving your funds should you want them as Spondooli’s online cash loans with swift application process can transfer you up to $5,000 within hours.



Given how long millions of Australians and New Zealanders have waited to resume their travel plans, Spondooli wants to contribute to the optimum holiday experience and provide their customers with the option of extending their stay! The eligibility criteria ensure repayments are simple and achievable in aid of mitigating any stress.


Access to fast money is beneficial.

Becoming familiar with a reputable payday lender is the first step in improving your financial strategy abroad. We never like to think of the worst-case scenarios and it’s a godsend that they’re extremely rare but sometimes having access to fast money is crucial should you need it. Travel insurance will cover injury, harm, theft, and illness but there is also quick and reliable financial support to remedy any shortfalls during a claims process or other unforeseen outgoings.

It is also comforting to know the same support is available to cover unexpected costs that occur in your home country during your travels. Regardless of the source of your financial needs, Spondooli is ready to help at a second’s notice so you can enjoy peace of mind along with 125,000 other Australians who have benefited from a reliable and transparent service!


No need to deal with banks on your holiday!

The smaller amounts sometimes make the biggest difference. “Paperwork”, “credit history” and “property” ownership might be amongst the last words you want to hear when preparing for a holiday but luckily there is financial support available outside of the big banks. Spondooli is geared towards lending the smaller amounts (from $200 onwards) and their streamlined application process will not ask you to produce a credit history.

This is not only an essential part of reducing the approval time of your application, but it takes the headache away when asking for $200! Dealing with a personable and fast lender is key to enjoying your holiday and knowing you have full support to make smaller purchases is reflective of Spondooli’s customer-first approach.

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