Keeping The Wheels Turning – Short Term Loans From A Reputable Financial Services Provider

In this new COVID-19 world order traditional power structures have turned on their head and Australians have developed a newfound respect for the people that really keep our nation going – not the captains of business and wheelers and dealers who are locked at home doing meetings by video-conference.

It’s our armed forces, emergency services, heavy haulage, delivery drivers, and supermarket workers who are leading from the front and making sure the wheels of the economy keep ticking over, people get essentials and get to keep safe.

That’s on top of the role that many of these essential workers played in keeping Australians safe during the extraordinary bushfire season we experienced only a few months ago.

Of course, while these essential service providers are out there keeping us safe and fed, it’s easy to forget that they are often some of the lowest wage earners in the country, and dealing with some truly challenging circumstances. We’ve all heard stories about supermarket workers having to act almost like security guards to prevent hoarders buying up stocks of necessary groceries, while also being subject to some pretty unsavory consumer behavior. Police officers are regularly dealing with self-entitled individuals who don’t think the rules apply to them and our ambos keep doing what they do each and every day – saving lives.

These same people who are keeping us going in such challenging times, also have to deal with the same challenges we all have – how to keep their families safe from potential disease, while they’re on the front line, how to keep their children’s education up while also delivering essential services – all on substantially less income than those video conferencing captains of industry!

If you’re an essential services worker – driving trucks, saving lives, manning the supermarket till, ensuring social distancing is being adhered to, putting yourself at risk for the welfare of all of us – you might be finding the current circumstances pretty challenging for your finances.

As a regular employee with a reliable income, you may be eligible for a small amount, low documentation loan to help through the current situation. Whether it’s to deal with setting the kids up for home-schooling, access to a bit of extra child care support or simply to deal with the extra cost and inconvenience that comes with regular shift work and lack of routine, it might well be worth your while considering a short term loan from a reputable financial services provider like Spondooli.

Our loans are quick and easy to apply for – everything can be done online and if approved, you’ll have access to the funds on the same day.


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