Australia Post Have Recently Announced That Due To A Slowdown Of Delivery Times, Customers Should Purchase Presents For Christmas Now Rather Than Later

Many Australians living with restrictions are turning to online shopping rather than in-store shopping. Demand surged in Victoria and NSW, as the workforce within the Australia Post warehouses shrunk due to restrictions, and the orders increased. In the beginning of August, the number of parcels being sent around Victoria was up 150 per cent year-on- year, that figure then rose to 186 per cent by the end of September. This has now created a huge backlog of parcels throughout NSW and Victoria.

The ultimate impact this has made, meant that in late September Australia Post urged customers of the cut-off dates for the delivery of Christmas gifts. The huge amount of sales that occur in late November such as Black Friday and Click Frenzy, is likely to cause further backlog, even though the capacity of workers is likely to be back to normal at this stage.

They released a statement to warn consumers that the deadline for Christmas gifts to arrive before Christmas Day is the 12th of December for regular shipping, and the 19th of December for express post deliveries.



As the end of October approaches this means that everyone, especially parents, need to prepare their gift ideas a lot earlier than usual. If you haven’t already begun, shoppers are being urged to get a move on with their Christmas shopping, so that all your loved one’s packages arrive in time for Christmas Day.

November will now become the busiest month for Australia Post, so this needs to be factored in. This year international gifts will also be even harder to obtain pre-Christmas, due to the pandemic impacting logistics around the world.

Now that you know that you need to start thinking about Xmas present, as soon as possible. However, like many people your budget may not have accounted for this spending to be happening this early in the year. This can be stressful to think about, as you were preparing to have money ready in December not October and November. Luckily there are non-banking personal loan companies such as Spondooli that can help you out this festive season.



Spondooli offers fast cash loans within Australia of up to $5000. As long as you meet the criteria, including full-time employment, you can rely on Spondooli for a quick solution to your early Christmas budget. The best part about a quick cash loan is that you don’t need to go through the excessive paperwork required for a personal loan from a banking institution, and the funds are available in your account within hours.

This way you can start your Christmas shopping now, and you can calmly enjoy the holidays season without stressing about the late arrival of presents for your loved ones.

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