Property Marketing Expenses
Capital Supply Australasia Pty Ltd ACN 621 922 576 trading as Spondooli ABN 72 621 922 576
Australian Credit Licence No: Member ID: 511121
Contract Details
Contract Date: Contract No:
Applicant: Gender:
Home Address:
Home: Work: Mobile: Email:
Capital Supply Australasia Pty Ltd ACN 621 922 576 trading as Spondooli ABN 72 621 922 576 of Level 9, 461 Bourke Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Real Estate Agent
Telephone: Email:
Property to be Sold
Attach Certificate of Title Vol: Fol:
Borrower’s Financial Details
Monthly Rent / Mortgage:
Other Monthly Costs:
Borrowers Bank Details: BSB: Account No:
Loan Advance
Amount Advanced:
Account Opening Fees:
Establishment Fee:
Security Lodgement:
Monthly Fee:
Repayment Total:
The Repayment Total and any Default Charges shall be repaid on the earlier of:

  1. the settlement of the sale of the Property to be Sold; or,
  2. by 4 equal monthly instalments commencing two calendar months from the date of the Amount Advanced if the Property to be Sold is not sold within two calendar months of the date of the Amount Advanced.
Default Charges – see clause 3 below
Dishonour Fee – $20.00 for each time a direct debit payment fails
Rescheduling Fee – $20.00 for rescheduling of payments at the Borrower’s request
Default Fee – $50.00 per month or part of a month that loan is in default
DDR Cancellation Fee – $50.00 where the Borrower cancels an agreed Direct Debit Request
Internal Debt Recovery Fee – $50.00 when the agreed direct debit payment fails two or more times
External Debt Recovery Fee – 40% of total due by the Borrower when a matter is referred to a debt collection agency
Legal Fees – the full amount of legal costs charged by a solicitor to Spondooli as a result of any default by the Borrower
1.     In this document:
	a.    "Spondooli", "we" or "us" means Capital Supply Australasia Pty Ltd ACN 621 922 576 trading as Spondooli ABN
		72 621 922 576
	b.    "the Borrower" or "you" means the Borrower shown above
	c.    all fees and charges include GST where applicable.
2.     You authorise Spondooli to pay the Amount Advanced (to a maximum of $5,000) to the Real Estate Agent  upon receipt
	by Spondooli of an invoice from the Real Estate Agent for marketing expenses relating to the Property to be Sold.
3.     You must pay the Repayment Total as shown above. Any default by the Borrower imposes a significant cost on Spondooli
	including loss of use of funds, any charges that may be levied on Spondooli by our suppliers and time spent by our staff
	members in dealing with the default. You agree to pay the Default Charges listed above. In addition, you agree to pay
	Spondooli for all other costs incurred by the Spondooli in any attempt to collect any monies owed by you to Spondooli
	under this Contract and indemnify Spondooli against any loss and damage arising from a default. Spondooli is not required
	to give you notice that an instalment is due. It is your responsibility to make sure that there are sufficient funds available
	in your bank account to cover the direct debit instalments when they are due.
4.     If there is a default which is not rectified within 7 days, Spondooli may seek payment of all amounts payable under this
5.     If there is a default, we may report the matter to a credit reporting agency, a debt recovery agency or legal firm. This report
	may have an adverse effect on your ability to obtain credit in the future.
6.     If your financial circumstances change adversely during the term of this contract, you must notify Spondooli at the earliest
	possible opportunity.
7.     You charge all your real and personal property with repayment of all monies due to Spondooli including the lodging a caveat
	over the Property to be Sold. Spondooli may register its charge over any of your personal property on the Personal
	Properties Securities Register. Spondooli may. after giving appropriate notice, take possession of any secured property
	in the event of a default.
8.     You authorise Spondooli to direct debt the Borrowers Bank account with any amount due under this contract.
9.     This contract is governed by the laws of Victoria and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts or
	tribunals of Victoria.
10.   Before signing this contract, you must receive a copy of and have read the following documents:
	a.    the Spondooli Credit Guide
	b.    Form 5 – Things You Should Know About Your Credit Contract
11.   Before signing this contract, you have had the opportunity to seek independent advice.
12.    You must give us accurate and complete information. You believe you can make the repayments above without undue stress
	on your financial position.
13.   We may determine how money received from you will be applied which unless we have advised otherwise or the law otherwise requires
	will be:
	a.    first, to costs and expenses incurred by us as a result of a breach of this contract;
	b.    second, to payment of any prior unpaid loans you have with us;
	c.    third, to payment of fees and charges under this contract;
	d.    fourth, to reduction of the amount advanced under this contract.
14.   You acknowledge that Spondooli is an online business and that:
	a.    you will use the Members Portal to check on any amounts due from time to time and for all communications;
	b.    any notice, demand or other communication given by us to you shall be given to your email address provided on this
	       contract unless the law requires otherwise;
15.   You may not assign your obligations under this contract. We may assign our interests under this contract.
1.	READ THIS CONTRACT so that you know exactly what contract you are entering into and what you will have
	 to do under the contract.
2.	DO NOT sign this contract if there is anything you do not understand.
3.	You should also read the information statement "THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR CREDIT
1.	Once you sign the contract, you will be bound by it.
2.	If an event as defined in the contract occurs, the credit provider may charge such fees as defined as being
	 appropriate to the event that has occurred.

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